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Design Ideas, 5 Popular Design Styles.

It’s important to know exactly the look you’re going for if you’re remodeling your home. Often times you have an idea from something you saw in a magazine, or a friend’s house, and you have  a difficult time describing it. You may feel its sharper, or softer, or bright, or neutral, but it just doesn’t hit the spot perfectly. It will be hard to communicate what you want, or research more about it, if you don’t even know what it’s called! Here is where we come in! These are 5 Popular Design styles, that can help you get an idea…


The difference between ceramic and porcelain tile

Contrary to popular belief there is almost no difference between Porcelain and Ceramic tile other than quality. Porcelain is essentially a type of ceramic tile, both made from clay. Porcelain is a very high quality ceramic tile, due to a number of factors. It is has a high water and wear resistance, and underwent an often longer, hotter firing process. Originally Porcelain tile had to due with color, and this definition is generally accepted in Europe. Tile’s using exceptionally light clay would be called Porcelain. However the term was adopted here in the U.S to mean high quality. Quality being…

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